Mar. 3rd, 2014

I took a few days off from work this week, ostensibly to work on the (old) house, but also just to get stuff done I can't do while I'm at work.

So I took Riley to the vet this morning, and had the same discussion about vaccinating for parvo-distemper every 3 years (I really don't see why this is even an issue with them, geeze). Riley has also had a minor slab fracture on her right upper molar for a couple years. I've just been watching it. A few days ago, she was chewing a bone and gave a little cry and stopped, and I of course thought of that tooth, took a look and couldn't see any new issues, and the gum was all normal and pink, so I just made a mental note to mention it to the vet again this visit. Well, we got there today and her gum is flaming red and oozing pus, so clearly something changed. Oy. So a round of antibiotics for us and a trip back to the vet to get that molar pulled in about 10 days. Poor girl.

And for packing, I'm feeling pretty good. I am so grateful I got a decluttering/cleaning bug this past summer and fall, because it has really helped. I now have 2 bedrooms completely "done." I've designated one the "everything in this room goes to the new place" room, and the other as "everything in this room gets sold, donated, or recycled" room. The bedroom I'm currently using for, you know, sleeping is actually mostly done too, just the closet left. And there's a stack of boxes along one wall, too.

Of course, I did the easy rooms first. So this leaves what's technically the dining room, but I use as the dog room + office + kitchen overflow. I made some progress there during a decluttering spree, but there's still a ways to go. There's an old crappy desk in there (one that will not be moving), and the drawers are full of "stuff."

And then (cue theme from "Jaws,") there's the basement. The dog training room isn't bad, but the back part...there are boxes down there I haven't opened for years. Leftovers from various roommates, and other horrors. That should be fun.

But still, progress. Sarah is coming over to help some tomorrow, which will be very motivating, I'm sure.

T minus 18 days and counting.



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