Ear update

Dec. 26th, 2014 04:27 pm
[personal profile] meeciegeezer
So I started researching and calling local vets this morning, and got an appointment with the 3rd clinic I called (yes, yes, I REALLY should have done research earlier, but yeah, school, busy, since the move).

I did like the vet. An older, Indian guy who did all his initial training in India, and got a PhD here in the states before he went back to get his license. In fact, he did some reproductive endocrinology work just up the hill from where I work at U of Michigan. I'm not sure why he's in private practice again, but I'd give it a guess that it has to do with the same reasons I'm looking to leave research...

But anyway, he was very good. Riley handled having her bandage cut off just fine, and he didn't want to re-bandage her. He said just to leave the cone on, especially if the ear drains at all (it'll cut down on the splatter), but other than that, I can just put a bit of stockinette over he head babushka style if she gets antsy about rubbing or scratching it.

I talked with him about the anesthesia issue, and he went through the record very carefully, and asked me if the emergency center vet was young. Riley was, in fact, overdosed on butorphenol, not the stand-alone dose, but in combination with dexdomitor. And that likely caused the extreme bradycardia and apnea. So, I'm still thinking about how to handle that, whether I should send a letter to the emergency clinic so they don't actually kill some other person's dog.

And possibly the most concerning: he was worried that since Riley didn't have an ear infection and hadn't been doing much head-shaking that I'd seen that this may have been caused by an underlying autoimmune disorder. So I guess I have some research to do, and she has a pred course and taper now on top of the antibiotics and pain meds. 
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