For Ozdobe

Dec. 12th, 2014 08:22 am
[personal profile] meeciegeezer
I'm still trying to keep up with reading, even when I can't sort things out to comment all that often. But I figured this deserved a post.

[ profile] ozdobe, I hope you get your hearing back in your left ear soon, but in case you don't, so you don't feel so alone, let me tell you a few perks you might have not realized yet. I lost hearing in my right ear over 20 years ago now, and after a few surgeries I sometimes have some hearing and sometimes I'm pretty deaf, depending on the day. I wear a hearing aid on that side.

1) you will quickly adjust to things like where to sit in the movie theatre, or in a lecture hall, so you can both see the front of the room and angle your good ear towards best sound. For me, this is the left side of the room so I can look at the speaker and have my good ear angled to them too (I'm guessing it'll be the opposite for you)

2) Since you only have one good "phone ear," you have a great excuse to get out of long phone conversations. "Sorry mom, my phone ear is all flattened, and I have a crick in my neck from holding the phone, so I have to hang up now. Can't switch ears!"

3) Your friends will all learn quickly what side of you to walk on when you walk together.

4) You'll become very opinionated about where you sit at large tables, so your good ear will be angled towards the most people. Circular tables present a problem, though.

5) You know that annoying person with the chronic sniffle sitting next to you? No problem, put them on your deaf side. Problem solved.

6) You will start to sleep much more soundly, because you body will gravitate towards sleeping with your good ear muffled by a pillow. Your world will be so quiet as you sleep. You'll make [ profile] ripnpaws jealous, since you just won't hear the dogs obsessively licking at night. Buy a vibrating alarm, or use your phone alarm and rest your phone on the bed.
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