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I can't believe I've been in school for a month already. It simultaneously feels like I just started, and that I've been in school forever. I'm settling into a rhythm, and things are going ok, but oy.

One of my frustrations is being taught "neuroscience" by people who clearly have less education in the topic than I do. I've worked in the field for almost 20 years, I have a solid (even if not detailed) understanding of neuro-mechanics and far more physics/engineering background than anyone in the class.

So I'm dealing with test questions that are so twisted from the source materiel that they're flat out misleading, but other students in the class are doing fine because they're just memorizing the study guide. So I'm endeavoring to practice "Learning for the test" and memorizing each instructors peculiar idiosyncrasies. It's very annoying.

BUT, on the other hand, I'm learning a ton about an area I knew nothing about before, and my practical-lab instructors are excellent, which is really good. And I fully intend to be blunt in my course review. You know, after they give me my certificate.

Dog stuff that's happened:

I was out running errands one morning, and had pulled off to the side of the road to use my phone to google alternate bank locations since mine was closed, and someone pulled up next to me, rolled down her window, and said "do you know anyone who's lost their dog?" and I look over and there's an adorable border collie leaping around her back seat. SO CUTE. SO MANY CURLS.


So I pull out my cell phone, snap a couple pictures, and send an email to one of my rescue contacts so she can put the word out on facebook. I mean, this is CLEARLY someone's dog, right? She looks like she just scooted out from someone's back yard, muddy nose and all. Except she sat for a week in this woman's home with no claim, and her finder REALLY tried - posting to the statewide lost and found facebook dog group, posted on craigslist, calls and photos sent to the local shelters, and calls to animal control. I actually don't know what ultimately happened, except that her finder was committed to NOT taking her to a shelter, so I don't know if the home was eventually found, or if she did a private re-home and/or adoption. Such a cute girl! I hope she has a smooth landing, wherever she went.

The other good thing that happened since my last post is that Mackenzie, my foster dog, was adopted. They drove up to get her from the trainer's home (and oy, there was drama with this trainer, but that's a separate issue and a separate post), and I met them on their way back downstate. Such a lovely couple, and Mackenzie was obviously very happy with them, but she was REALLY SURPRISED to see me there, too, which was adorable. She's such a funny dog, I really hope they appreciate her and are as fantastic a home as they seem.

(and google auto-awesome cracks me up)

Mackenzie family
mackenzie family2

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