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And if this week is any indication, this year is going to go REALLY FAST.

The first week of classes was fun, and not too difficult. I suspect that this will change as the semester continues, but I'm grateful for the slower start, since I'm also sorting out the logistics of managing my life around the new hours.

The dog-walker seems ok, the dogs like her, and there are poops in the yard when I get home, so I know she's letting them out. I'm not sure she's playing with them out there, though, I don't think she likes getting her clothes dirty (and yeah, Jodah and frisbees and dirt, you'll get slimed). And she writes more in the communication book about the cat than the dogs. Don't get me wrong, the cat is social, but I'm paying her to hang with my dogs ;-)

Most of the first week has been review, but it's become obvious to me that I'm going to be harassing all my local friends (you are warned!) to let me measure and mark up their heads with china markers. Apparently measurement and electrode placement takes heaps of practice to get fast enough to work clinically. So they try to get us really good at that before and while we start looking at EEGs/waveforms. We don't even get into other neurophysiology until 3rd and 4th quarters.

I can tell already that I'm going to get really tired of eating in my car, and driving.
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