Nov. 6th, 2014

Yep, I'm still alive.

I was at school lots, I am very tired, and it was colder this week than last week. I'm getting used to walking the dogs in the dark.

I am not getting used to trying to pick up dog poop in the dog yard in the dark. The fallen leaves don't help.

In all seriousness, the time change this week was hard on me. I know that the "fall back" change is supposed to be the easier one, but the night classes are just killing me, it feels like I'm sitting in that room until midnight.

I blew up the vacuum cleaner last weekend. It started making a terrible noise and then smoke poured out of it. I'm thinking that's bad. I'm going to try to get it into the Dyson repair shop tomorrow and I guess I'll see. I still have my ancient hoover vacuum, it had been living in the basement to be the "dog room" vacuum cleaner. It doesn't do well on carpets, but it does ok on hard floors, and I'll make do until I get a real vacuum functional again.

And I'm really thinking hard about what I should do for my dogs. I feel like I barely see them, but it would be really good if I had some quality time, even a few minutes on my school days. Maybe some new tricks to work on? I dunno. Walks are going to get a bit more dicey in the winter. I'm not going to be comfortable walking in the dark once the sidewalks/streets ice over, and even now with limited time my morning walks are short. So I'm going to have to find SOMETHING. And the big walks can happen on weekends. Poor dogs.

Also, this lack of spell check (does Chrome just not play well with LJ anymore? zomg) can bite me. 



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