Sep. 22nd, 2014

Well, my household finally has one fewer dog, down to the two that actually are supposed to belong to me. ;-)

I drove Mackenzie up to her new foster-person on Sunday afternoon. It was funny, the day started out pretty mild, so I was wearing sandals and capri-length shorts, but it got COLD as some storms came through, and the wind was really brisk, so I was feeling pretty foolish. We met in Pinconning, at one of the cheese factories there, so of course I had to pick up some cheese to take home. Tasty!

And then on the way back, I was transporting a puppy back down-state. PUPPY! She was maybe 8 weeks old, and freaking adorable. This is not my picture, and it's not the best, but you get the idea. She was an excellent traveler, pottying outside whenever we stopped, and her only "tantrums" seemed to happen when she needed a potty stop. She did have a set of lungs on her, though, wow.

(not my picture, I didn't think to take one):

I know - cute, right? omg. It was good I had to hand her off.

And this morning, before work, I really realized how much extra time Mackenzie had taken of my mornings. I had time to play with both my dogs and do some quick training before I started drivng to work. Best "free" time ever. Now just to maintain that on school mornings, since that's pretty much the only time the poor dogs will see me those days.



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