Sep. 5th, 2014

So I can't remember what I've updated here and what I haven't, so rather than reading my archives, I'm just going to write a "state of Karin" post.

I still have my foster dog, Mackenzie. She's now getting along fine with Riley and Jodah, after a few bumps here and there. I had one interested adopter, but he wasn't really prepared for her "issues," so that didn't work out. I have my eye on another application, but if she's not interested, I'll go ahead and push the rescue to find a new foster home for the girl.

In a few weeks, I'm starting school for a neurodiagnostic technologiest certification. It's a brick-and-mortar school, thankfully close to home, 3 nights a week. I'm planning on continuing to work as close to full-time as I can manage for the duration of the program. So if I don't post much for a year, you know why ;-)

It's going to be an interesting shift, from working mostly with animals (clinical veterinary practice and labatory work) to working with humans. The pay will be substantially better in the long term, I think. I hope, anyway. In any case, it should allow me to have a job much closer to home, and the cut in commute costs (and time) will be most welcome.

I'm already feeling guilty for the lack of activities and extra time I'll have for my dogs. I'll have to find ways to make it up to them on weekends and the few evenings each week I have free. Thank the gods for dogs who find a good game of fetch and quick training sessions (even if just upstairs) very rewarding.



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