Aug. 13th, 2014

So the west coast gets fire and drought, and we get flooding, apparently.

This climate change, I'm not liking it. They're calling this a 100 year event, but something deep inside of me is suspecting that we'll see things like this more often.

On Monday, we got 5.46 inches of rain in less than half a day. News reports said that 1.2 inches of that fell in less than half an hour. The flooding is insane.

This is about 4 miles from my house. I drive through this interchange often, and as of yesterday morning, there were still 12 feet of standing water on the road, even when the scary pouring water over the side of the road stopped. I can't even imagine how long until that's inspected and fixed, the one portion will have to be rebuilt. They were sending divers down to check the cars to make sure people weren't trapped down there.

So many people were affected. So many flooded basements, and sewers backing up.

There have only been two reported deaths that may be related. One young woman started having seizures after she escaped from her flooded car, and she died. She had a history of seizures though, so it's hard to tell exactly what killed her. I'm sure the stress didn't help. And one very elderly woman was found in her flooded basement, she was 100 years old and it looks like she was trying to clean up the flood.

I am so, so very lucky. I did get water in my basement, but only rainwater. The sewer and storm drains did not back up. And while I have some drying out to do, I didn't lose anything important at all. It could have been worse. My dogs were in the basement, and if it had badly flooded, they might have been able to swim over the ex-pen and to the stairs, but maybe not if it was too cold or too exhausting. There was one news story of a man who raced home to find his crated dog in the basement with only 2 inches of air at the top of his crate, but the dog lived. So scary. (And yes, the dog's name was Riley, it gives me a start every time I hear the story).

So yes, daily commutes are still pretty bad during peak times, so many highways are still closed. But in the grand scheme of  things, it could be so much worse. So much. 

Dog stuff

Aug. 13th, 2014 09:55 am
I was thinking about a "30 days" blog prompt for the foster dog, and I'm not entirely sure I have enough mental bandwidth right now to post every day.

But I did start keeping thoughts together for a "Diary of Mackenzie."

July 30. Today, I have destroyed a new crate. I didn't think I could do it, but I could. I rule. Nothing shall confine me.

August 4th. Today, Karin brushed me and brushed me, and probably removed 2 lbs of hair. I am still shedding.

August 7th. Today, I growled at Jodah. It was fun to see him look all worried. But Karin put me in the time out room, and I didn't like that.

August 12th. Today, Karin was in a hurry to get to work after cleaning up things from the flooded basement. So I decided it would be a good idea to get into a fight with Riley. It didn't end well. Riley is mean. I rolled over.  Karin put me in the time out room. It was so unfair.

Good thing she's cute.

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