Jun. 14th, 2014


Jun. 14th, 2014 07:30 am
It's been a rough couple of months for my crew of former foster dogs.

Spokk (Spock while he was with me) died earlier this year, sudden bleeding out, and nothing much to be done. It wasn't unexpected, he was probably 13 years old while he was with me which would have put him at around 15 when he died, he had a gnarly cough that was probably due to living in a hoarding situation (bad ammonia lung damage from waste product buildup), I really wasn't expecting him to be around long. I actually thought I'd have him until he died, but the family that took him, bless them, gave him a wonderful last year and a half.

Scale is difficult with him. A lot of people thought he was a small guy from these pictures, when in fact he was about 55 lbs when I had him, and added another 10 after he was adopted (he probably needed 5). Yes, his ears really were that huge. If I had to guess, I'd say he was mixed with GSD.

Like most of the senior dogs that came through rescue, he had a very good idea of who he was, and he had enough life experience to know when he was in a good situation. I have learned to love fostering the old guys. He was especially wonderful, it was clear that at some point he had been very well treated and had probably always (even in the hoarding situation) been loved. He didn't have that frail, damaged personality that neglected dogs get.

I also got word that Maggie Mae died from complications of Leukemia. She would have been about 7. Way too young, and my heart hearts for that lovely family and little kids. Maggie Mae wasn't a very photogenic dog. She spent all her time in the yard staring at the other dogs while they ran. But she was a nice girl, tiny as she was.

I don't have a lot of pictures of her, but she was a lovely little thing.

I didn't have her very long. She was a nice, balanced little dog and got adopted out really quick. Her family told me that her coat really grew out after they got her (from my pictures you can see she was shaved down at some point). They weren't really email people, and they never sent any photo updates, sadly, but what few little updates I got showed how much she was loved. I never worried about her.

I adopted out a couple more senior dogs who are all approaching very senior age, so I expect to get a few more notices soon. But hopefully no more young dogs :(.



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