Jun. 4th, 2014

At a show a couple weeks ago, the Wisdom Panel people had a booth and were offering their DNA panel for a show price of $30 if you swabbed your dog right there. So yeah, I couldn't resist, and got one for Riley. Got the results back yesterday and I can't say I'm shocked. We knew the border collie thing, and, well, papa was a sailor:

Riley panel

They listed a couple other breeds that were under threshold but actually make a bit more sense - pointers and setters, which given the shape of her skull seem likely. I admit I don't see the Schnauzer at all, lol. They also estimated her weight at 46-70 lbs, which she fits.....barely, weighing in at 47 lbs (and she's not as lean as she could be, hard to keep such a food-stealing dog at best trim weight). I actually think, given what she looks like and what the other *known* 1/2 border collie pups I've known look like, that Riley's daddy has/had some border collie in the mix too.

In non-dog news, the house sale is...progressing. Still stressful. Inspection showed a minor foundation issue (is there such a thing? It's as minor as foundation issues can be), so we're waiting on a repair estimate for that before final price negotiations. So yeah, that's been keeping me up at night off and on. Ugh.

And otherwise, I'm just plugging away at my to-do list for the new house and for being ready for school. It's a little overwhelming, but so far I've avoided feeling bad about the slow pace. It's going to get done as it gets done.



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