May. 13th, 2014

I have a contract on the old house! Still not sold, but the process is in motion.

That is a huge relief, but I'll be stressed about it until it sells.

And there's one funny thing. Ever since I've moved in, there's been this flower bed that tulip leaves sprout from every spring, but nothing ever bloomed. I figured the bulbs were old and spent, and never worried that much about it digging them out, since they're not around all that long in the spring anyway.

Well this year, well after I'd moved out, but was still back each weekend to clean up, one of those suckers bloomed. I've decided it shall be known as the "don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out" tulip:

Also, it is unbelievable how much crap I accumulated. Stacks and stacks of old flowerpots from nurseries, because they might be useful someday? Ugh. Every bag I ever owned, too. I have donated so much junk, and one more pickup left to do, because as I suspected, when I'm unpacking, I'm finding things that I really have no idea why I kept them. That's ok, it's easy enough to keep purging now. :-)

And, I've started the process of application to a one year program to get a neurodiagnostic technologist certification. It's somewhat related to what I do now (a lot of the electrophysiology overlaps), but on humans rather than animals. It will give me a lot more flexibility in jobs, and a good exit strategy for my current job (which is getting more and more....ugh). It could even mean I had a job really close to home, there are several local hospitals and clinics with good (or better) neurology programs. And you know, even if it's routine and not ultimately rewarding, it's something different, and I'm really needing something different right now. My job has lost some luster.

So the next year and a half or so might suck with how busy I'll be. Classes at night, work during the day, and the long commute (for now). But I'm hoping that the long term outlook is pretty darn rosy.  We'll see :-) For now, it's just a matter of pulling together everything for the application, and filling all the pre-reqs. 



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