Apr. 12th, 2014

I missed a lot of stuff! Happy very belated birthday, Rosie! I'm glad you're feeling better, Dawn! I love all the training and run videos! Sorry I'm not commenting much.

So I feel like I'm treading water with house renovations - working hard without much result. Moving truck is scheduled (but not yet booked, [livejournal.com profile] melstav, I know, I know) for a week from now, and oy.

No pictures because my card reader is in a box somewhere (I have a computer that can read them too, but it's at the old house without an internet connection). But I'm trying to document as I go.

My car has tried to die...twice. $1800 later, it's running great, but oy. Those 3 days without a car were a little rough too.

I shattered the screen on my phone. Luckily for me I have a [livejournal.com profile] melstav who is quite adept at repairing phone screens. I've given him lots of practice. I'm apparently very hard on phone screens. We counted up and this is the 4th or 5th time he's had to repair mine (in my defense, I didn't break  my phone each of those times. Once was a child using my phone as a ball, once was a crack as it was repaired....the rest were me though).

The new house is fantastic, but it has its quirks. There is apparently a family of grackles (I thought they were grackles but they're smaller) starlings that are obsessed with the place. They are flying in through the gutter on the south side of the house and going...somewhere. I hear faint rustlings in the walls. :-/

After a few days of rustling in the kitchen (I really thought I must have mice, but wasn't too worried because the cat and both dogs are hunters, mice wouldn't last long), late one evening, I opened the diswasher and a bird sort of half fell out. I might have made a noise. Because I was the only human in the house (and the dogs aren't telling) I will insist that it wasn't a girly scream. The poor thing had died, wedged between the top of the dishwasher and the cabinet. I had to undo some bolts and find the pry-bar to get its little body free.

The cat is having a blast. This is maybe the first cat I've had that wasn't seriously freaked out about a move. She thinks this is pretty cool. She has tried to kill herself, though. I noticed she didn't have her collar and her ears were all scraped up, and I knew she'd gotten hung up somewhere (yay for breakaway collars). I later found the collar in one of the holes in the kitchen that were left when I took the drawers and cabinets down to paint. Oy.

The dogs are awesome. They are very happy to be somewhere where I walk more. Training is completely out the window for now. We'll get back to it eventually. Someday. 



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