Mar. 1st, 2014

I got into downward dog pose today. First time since July, when this whole mess started. It wasn't particularly graceful or pretty, but I got there.

By my unofficial measures:

forward flexion and extension are almost normal. Maybe 5-10 degrees less than my good shoulder, and it still feels tight and sore at max range. At it's worst, this was maybe 90 degrees from normal, so vast improvement here.

abduction is more limited, but also improving. Maybe 45-50 degrees different from the good shoulder, and weak in comparison (and sore at max range). At it's worst, this was about 100-120 degrees from normal, so lots of improvement here.

Internal rotation across my body (front) is normal, not sore, and feels strong. This never got too bad. It used to hurt, but I didn't lose more than 5-10 degrees. It is still more limited behind my back, but it's getting there. "normal" for me for behind my back is really hyper-extension, so I may never get that back. That's ok.

External rotation (always been the worst and weakest) still quite limited and sore. That's ok. I was warned that this would be the last direction to recover, so I'll keep working on it.

Packing and carrying (and stress?) have fired up some of the knots and spasms in my upper back again. I need a massage (and I'll go get one sometime next week). But still, I really can't complain. There's also a trend of having a few painful days every once and a while. I don't entirely know if it's true, but it does seem like these coincide with improvements in range of motion, and that's a nice narrative for me to use (it's much more encouraging than thinking it's backsliding), so I'm going with it. 



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