Feb. 12th, 2014

It's weird how morning temps below zero start to feel normal after a while. -4 by the bank clock as I drove by this morning. There was a weather alert for freezing fog, and I admit I consider very cold-weather fog to be a new  phenomenon to me. I'm used to "the air is warmer than the snow" snow fog, and I've certainly seen frosty mornings, but this freezing fog is weird.

View from my office this morning:

And yeah, I resonate so much with this post (I know I link to her stuff a lot, but she really tickles me, and I love how she loves her dogs). They've got it worse than I do, but the sentiment holds.

On the plus side, we're not forecast to get (significant) snow all week! And we may actually get a brief thaw next week! 
The dogs are a little stir crazy. Lots of training in the basement, and when the weather isn't dangerously cold, we play in the back yard in the snow.

I finally started teaching Jodah how to weave (yeah, I know, I know, how old is he? But in my defense, I still don't see him competing in agility anytime soon). I was dithering for so long on methods, and I had bad experiences with everyone telling me I was teaching Riley wrong, obviously. And I wanted to not mess him up. It turns out that just maybe I'm a better trainer now than when I trained Riley. Go figure ;)

My hesitation wasn't helped by the fact that I don't have access to channel weaves. My own set of weave poles is high quality, but older (I got them FREE, I'm not complaining), with 22" spacing, and they're weave-o-matics rather than fixed. With Riley, I don't care, I just lock them in upright, she's good enough to work on fixed poles.

So teaching Jodah has been fun. I'm using a rough approximation of the 2x2 method, as best I can without independent blocks of 2 poles. It's actually going really fast, Jodah can find entrances really well, with just some hesitation on soft-side entrances if I'm back fairly far. Improving fast. It went fast enough that I have actually let him run all 6 poles a few times. He has no idea about footwork (and I'm going to go find him some 24" poles sooner rather than later so he doesn't get too used to the shorter distance), but he has the idea down really well. And he's so hilariously different from Riley. Riley wanted to watch me the whole time to make sure she was right, it was really hard to get her more independent. Jodah doesn't want to slow down so I can help him. If I start him over he's all "OK I CAN GET THIS" and barrels on ahead. I love that. It's also been a while since I've taught him something that has really made him think hard, and I love watching his gears turn.

Oh, and the rescue is bringing in a new foster (not for me, I'm not going to take one until after I move, if I move). He's a sable, and adorable, in that sad shelter way. He's so cute I bet he won't be around long, the "cool" color dogs tend to get snapped up quick.



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