Jan. 13th, 2014

I had signed up to work and have a few runs at a match over the weekend, and it ended up being cancelled due to horrible road conditions (freezing rain over ice, on the dirt roads around her facility). Oy! I was at the "oh, why did I sign up?" stage of my dog show nerves, so part of me was relieved, and part of me is really sad. I'm hoping to make the rescheduled match. Maybe I'll be more prepared for that one (hah).

In other news, Jodah is getting some remedial house-training. He's just weird. He has developed a fetish for eating snow, so if I kick him outside to play, he'll eat enough that if I don't let him out EVERY 20-30 minutes afterward, he'll pee on the stairs near the back door. Really, how old is he? And to make it worse, he'll go out, pee, and eat more snow. *sigh*

We've gotten into a cycle of letting him out to burn off some energy, then crating him when he comes in, letting him out leashed every 20-30 minutes until I think he can hold it for a while...then repeat the cycle in a few hours. *sigh*  So far it seems to be helping. He's only once peed in his crate (!!!!!). Also, he stood outside once this weekend stalking a squirrel in the freezing rain (and in snow up to his hocks) until he was soaked through and shivering uncontrollably. That boy has no sense of self-preservation. I forced him to come in, dried him off, then put his coat on him for a while in the house. He has "bad hair" now, but hey, he warmed up faster. What a dork!

The rescue is putting pressure on me to take another foster dog, even on a temporary basis, and I'm just not feeling it. The shoulder is a lot better, but not ideal (like worst case, no way could I get the leverage to break up a dog fight, though with my introduction protocol, that's only happened to me once when Jodah went dashing past me as I walked through a door). I still keep coming back to "me and my dogs first."



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